I have been thinking about the whole resident vs visitor concept… Without really thinking about it I would have classified myself as a resident. I was kind of arrogant thinking I know a lot about social media, online stuff. I have been exposed to a lot of this before.

But in the past 2 weeks I have had to deal with a whole lot of new tools and I have heard and read about so many more that I didn’t even know existed.

So if I have to classify myself in my personal life I will probably say that, yes – I can call myself a resident. But from an institutional point of view a whole new world is opening up at the moment. And I hope that in the next few weeks to unfold I will learn about a whole lot of new tools that I can add to the grid. But also that I will learn what would be best suitable to maybe rather keep in the visitor’s block and what to move over to the resident block to improve the “product” that I present to my students, yet still keep it professional.